Monday, August 30, 2010

So Like, What Was She Thinking?

Naya Rivera 2010 Emmys
Naya, Why-ah!!! Okay, I LOVE Glee! I am a complete and total gleek and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The ambiguously ethnic cheerleader Santana is a fave, so I take no satisfaction in saying, WTF Naya? This look is a mistake from head to toe. I think I would of rather seen her in her Cheerios's uniform than this... this... I mean seriously, WTF is this? This is the picture of a girl who has no girlfriends, no gays, and I'm guessing, no mirrors.

How does one get things so wrong? This Emmy's didn't really have very many fashion moments for me, so standing out as the worst was no small feat. Maybe this was her plan all along. Anyone can be a pretty girl in a pretty dress, BUT to be a pretty girl in a tacky 80's prom dress with wacky hair will get you far more attention. You know that whole, no such thing as "bad press" business... Not too sure Mel Gibson would agree, but that is really the only way I can rationalize this. I just refuse to believe that her taste is that warped.

Let's also not rule out that she may quite possibly be insane. There have been stories going around that Mark Salling (Puck from Glee) and Naya were dating. Supposedly things soured recently and she egged his car. Mark only kinda denied these rumors on twitter and on the Emmy red carpet to Ryan Seacrest. Seeing her ensemble tonight however, gives me pause. After all crazy is as crazy does right?

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