Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm So Over... Haters Addition

I am sure some will see this as hating but people that talk about their haters all the time really bug me.  I get it, everyone has them and they suck.  Now can we move on, I am so over reading about it all the time on facebook and twitter... Post after post, update after update, really it's that serious??? Yeah, I know T.I. said it's Motivation and really I like that song too, but I never heard him say bore your friends and family by droning on and about it.
The concept of acknowledging people that don't like you is dumb. You're giving the enemy a shout out? Well, I'm sure they're grateful too cause as the saying goes "There's no such thing as bad publicity". You keep telling people how much everyone hates you, then it might make people wonder; well why do I like you? We bring power to what we focus our energy on. So, if you focus on people who aren't on your side, what do you think you are attracting to your life? Don't get me wrong everyone deserves to vent from time to time, but don't give the "haters" of the world the opportunity to be cast in your life story. There I said it! The end.

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