Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm So Over: Plastic Surgery Face Addition

Lil Kim Looking Hella Odd
What is the point of cheek implants, do they ever not make people look like cats? And since when did that particular feature get associated with youth? Never in my whole life have I ever heard, "Wow you have the cheek bones of an eighth grader". Maybe youth isn't the goal and  its some sort of aesthetic thing, but if you weren't born with those feline features adding them just makes you look crazy. It just does... sorry. This whole plastic surgery trend is beyond ridiculouss, and the amount of young people who are falling prey to this really makes me sad, mostly because when they start repairing problems that don't exist it just make them look older. Actually often times it makes old people look older too.
One other  thing I noticed about people who get the restilin and botox fillers is that it instantly transforms everyone into the same person. I can't understand why they don't see that either, or once again maybe they do. Maybe there is a beauty archetype that everyone but me is in on... Anyway, I am not sure if the fillers can be done discreetly. Meaning you ain't fooling nobody, at least not me, so quit it! (Yeah this means you Kim Kardashian, just stop. It is no bueno!) Ladies just take care of your skin, stay out the sun, drink water and eat right. Get a theripist if you must. Looking like a thundercat is not going to solve your problems. Don't get me wrong I look in the mirror and see plenty of flaws but I'll take them over plastic surgery face any day.
Kim Kardashian Before - Looking Natural

Kim Kardashian After -Weirdness
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  1. girl you had me laughing out loud for real!

  2. Thanks Mo!They really must be stopped though!

  3. Cheek implants...WEIRD!!! inless you got some weird crazy disease and your on Discovery Channel Health- my guest and get them installed! But if not...I will and i mean- WILL laugh at you for looking like a "Thundercat"! Couldn't of described it better Traci!! Love your blogs! im a big fan! hehehe
    ..ok i dont know how to get my name on this! lol wtf is URL???