Thursday, August 26, 2010

So in Love...Bed Bath and Beyond

Warning this post will have way more exclamation points than usual. Why? BECAUSE I WENT TO BED, BATH & BEYOND TODAY!!! Me at Bed, Bath and Beyond is literally like Ariel, The Little Mermaid  in that human cave of hers. Everything is so colorful and shiny, not to mention it is a Mecca for As Seen on TV products. Where else can I find a bed spread, a automatic fruit slicer and a shake weight all in one place? There were so many products I saw that just quite simply intrigued me, for example The Head Trip Massager.
Head Trip Massager
I didn't know that my head needed massaging, but now that I do, I don't think I can go on another day without one.
Ex Pen Holder
I am living for this pen holder too! There is another one that holds knives! Oh and look at this thingy!

Deluxe Gopher Reaching Tool
I seriously would never get up again...

Luckily, I'd accidentally left my credit card on the seat of my car, (yeah that really happened) so I was able to get out of there unscathed. That is untill next time my love... I gotta have that head massager!

Ta for Now,


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