Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Neckline Slimmer -- AS SEEN ON TV -- Define Your Jawline without Surgery

I find this quite unsettling and I really can't tell you why.

Monday, August 30, 2010

So Like, What Was She Thinking?

Naya Rivera 2010 Emmys
Naya, Why-ah!!! Okay, I LOVE Glee! I am a complete and total gleek and I'm not ashamed to admit it. The ambiguously ethnic cheerleader Santana is a fave, so I take no satisfaction in saying, WTF Naya? This look is a mistake from head to toe. I think I would of rather seen her in her Cheerios's uniform than this... this... I mean seriously, WTF is this? This is the picture of a girl who has no girlfriends, no gays, and I'm guessing, no mirrors.

How does one get things so wrong? This Emmy's didn't really have very many fashion moments for me, so standing out as the worst was no small feat. Maybe this was her plan all along. Anyone can be a pretty girl in a pretty dress, BUT to be a pretty girl in a tacky 80's prom dress with wacky hair will get you far more attention. You know that whole, no such thing as "bad press" business... Not too sure Mel Gibson would agree, but that is really the only way I can rationalize this. I just refuse to believe that her taste is that warped.

Let's also not rule out that she may quite possibly be insane. There have been stories going around that Mark Salling (Puck from Glee) and Naya were dating. Supposedly things soured recently and she egged his car. Mark only kinda denied these rumors on twitter and on the Emmy red carpet to Ryan Seacrest. Seeing her ensemble tonight however, gives me pause. After all crazy is as crazy does right?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jones Magazine Meet and Tweet Event...

Me at the Jones Magazine Fall Issue Meet and Tweet
I recently attended a fabulous event  hosted by  Jones Magazine. The event celebrated Jones magazines fall issue and was held specifically for bloggers and tweeters. It was so great to mix and mingle with everyone. Especially exciting was getting to meet and chat with the beautiful Tamara of Natural Hair Rules !!! Of course I loved her hair too! You can follow her on twitter @naturalhairrule too.

Me and Tamara of Natural Hair Rules!!!
Always fun getting to kick it with Stylist and Blogger Tanesha of The Student of Style. She's also a twitter bud. You can follow her @StudentOfStyle

Me and Tanesha of The Student of Style
I also hung out with pal and blogger/vlogger Monique from Mo City Princess Diaries check out her YouTube channel Mocityprincess247 and of course you know she's on twitter as @MoCityPrincess

Me and Monique Aka MoCityPrincess

I was so encouraged and inspired by all the creativity buzzing around the room plus I got an awesome goodie bag( I love swag!!!) My hair turned out to my liking as well, so all's great in my world! Oh and just in case you were wondering, this video was my the random inspiration for my look that day. Just in case you were wondering...

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

So in Love...Bed Bath and Beyond

Warning this post will have way more exclamation points than usual. Why? BECAUSE I WENT TO BED, BATH & BEYOND TODAY!!! Me at Bed, Bath and Beyond is literally like Ariel, The Little Mermaid  in that human cave of hers. Everything is so colorful and shiny, not to mention it is a Mecca for As Seen on TV products. Where else can I find a bed spread, a automatic fruit slicer and a shake weight all in one place? There were so many products I saw that just quite simply intrigued me, for example The Head Trip Massager.
Head Trip Massager
I didn't know that my head needed massaging, but now that I do, I don't think I can go on another day without one.
Ex Pen Holder
I am living for this pen holder too! There is another one that holds knives! Oh and look at this thingy!

Deluxe Gopher Reaching Tool
I seriously would never get up again...

Luckily, I'd accidentally left my credit card on the seat of my car, (yeah that really happened) so I was able to get out of there unscathed. That is untill next time my love... I gotta have that head massager!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Come on Snuggie, this is just lazy... and awful, really, really awful.

I'm So Over: Plastic Surgery Face Addition

Lil Kim Looking Hella Odd
What is the point of cheek implants, do they ever not make people look like cats? And since when did that particular feature get associated with youth? Never in my whole life have I ever heard, "Wow you have the cheek bones of an eighth grader". Maybe youth isn't the goal and  its some sort of aesthetic thing, but if you weren't born with those feline features adding them just makes you look crazy. It just does... sorry. This whole plastic surgery trend is beyond ridiculouss, and the amount of young people who are falling prey to this really makes me sad, mostly because when they start repairing problems that don't exist it just make them look older. Actually often times it makes old people look older too.
One other  thing I noticed about people who get the restilin and botox fillers is that it instantly transforms everyone into the same person. I can't understand why they don't see that either, or once again maybe they do. Maybe there is a beauty archetype that everyone but me is in on... Anyway, I am not sure if the fillers can be done discreetly. Meaning you ain't fooling nobody, at least not me, so quit it! (Yeah this means you Kim Kardashian, just stop. It is no bueno!) Ladies just take care of your skin, stay out the sun, drink water and eat right. Get a theripist if you must. Looking like a thundercat is not going to solve your problems. Don't get me wrong I look in the mirror and see plenty of flaws but I'll take them over plastic surgery face any day.
Kim Kardashian Before - Looking Natural

Kim Kardashian After -Weirdness
Ta for Now,


Monday, August 23, 2010

"We've Got To Stop The Mosque At Ground Zero"

So the goal is to prevent the building of the Mosque or to prevent people from wanting to listen to music ever again? The message is unclear...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Day for Master Cleanse!

So I'm finally here! 8 days on the Master Cleanse and I survived. I am extremly proud of myself even though I did not continue to the 10 days like I'd planned. I know that I am capable of another two days but quite frankly I know I am going to need a drink by Saturday. Next month I am planning on cleansing another 5 days with my mother and I will be sure to tell you all about it. I am so grateful for you support and encouragement! Love you all!

Ta for Now,


I'm So Over... Haters Addition

I am sure some will see this as hating but people that talk about their haters all the time really bug me.  I get it, everyone has them and they suck.  Now can we move on, I am so over reading about it all the time on facebook and twitter... Post after post, update after update, really it's that serious??? Yeah, I know T.I. said it's Motivation and really I like that song too, but I never heard him say bore your friends and family by droning on and about it.
The concept of acknowledging people that don't like you is dumb. You're giving the enemy a shout out? Well, I'm sure they're grateful too cause as the saying goes "There's no such thing as bad publicity". You keep telling people how much everyone hates you, then it might make people wonder; well why do I like you? We bring power to what we focus our energy on. So, if you focus on people who aren't on your side, what do you think you are attracting to your life? Don't get me wrong everyone deserves to vent from time to time, but don't give the "haters" of the world the opportunity to be cast in your life story. There I said it! The end.

Ta for Now,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spandau Ballet - True

This song takes me to a Happy Place *deep sigh*. Can't believe Phil wasn't down with the Spandau Ballet. That was a Modern Family reference btw.

MY Top 10 Master Cleanse Tips!

Thinking of Master Cleansing? Why not, everyone could use a little jump start from time to time. Well here are my top 10 (yeah, another list) Master Cleanse Tips:

10. Clean out your fridge and pantry. Rid your house of all the fatty, junky and delicious treats that will set you up for failure!

 9. Get a Cleanse buddy. What can I say, misery loves company. Lol! No really, it's just great to have  someone to share notes with and keep you encouraged. If you don't have a buddy google one, which brings me to...

 8. Use the Internet as a tool. There are several sites out there, Master Cleanse Blog  is a great one for example. If have any questions, believe me it's already been asked. Get the official Master Cleanse booklet too. It's like 5 bucks at Whole Food. It outlines everything for you.

 7. If you cheat, go the healthy route. A few grapes, okay... Cookies, not so much. Sometimes the sensation to eat is more about the ritual then the food itself. Try chewing some ice before you give in.

 6. Life is so much easier if you just plan on getting up a hour or 2 earlier. The sea salt flush in the morning is no joke. Go on and get it over with because once you get it all out, you'll be done for the day. Pooing I mean... That is untill you do the night flush.

 5.Prepare to pee a lot too. It's a liquid diet.  I hate going to the restroom to uno or dos, so I hate this part. I feel like I should be doing something else more productive like, I don't know, needle point.

 4. Stock up on toilet paper. I mean... yeah stock up.

 3. Get the recipe for the full daily serving of the lemonade. You would get SO over making individual glasses all day.

2. Stay busy! Distract yourself. It can be done. You will probably find it easier to do at work then at home when you're kicking back and relaxing.

1. Pray. Use this extra time to meditate and refocus, you will be amazed at how much our lives revolve around food and people will find it funny to tempt ya. Stay strong! I hope my tips were helpful! Good luck and you can do it!

Ta for Now!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Master Cleanse Day 5

I'm on Master Cleanse Day 5 and I am really whizzing along now, literally *giggle*. I lost 2 more pounds and I'm not as hungry anymore, except at night. Nights are tough. It was kind of weird not having Sunday dinner yesterday, because I so look forward to it all week. Between me and you, I did consider putting a piece of pound cake in my mouth to get the flavor, then spit it out. That would of meant I was crazy though, at least in my mind. Just wasn't quite ready to go over the edge. You know?  Anyway,Thursday can't get here fast enough.I just miss food. Here are the top ten treats I look forward to when this cleanse is over:

10. Mini Oreos
  9. Snow Cones
  8. Mini Kit Kats (Still in the fridge)
  7. Some sort of frozen adult beverage.
  6. That Pound Cake that nearly took me to crazy town.
  5. Sprinkles Cupcakes
  4. Raspberry Simply Lemonade
  3. Garlic Biscuits from Red Lobster
  2. Seafood Fondue from Pappadeaux
  1. Meat!!! Chicken, Beef, Whatever!!!! I want it!!! *audibly sobbing*

Ta for Now,


Sunday, August 15, 2010

My BFF (My Best Fish Friend™)

Don't know if you noticed but I sorta have a thing for "As seen on TV commercials", and I think this one is pretty rad! How can it be real???

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fushigi - www.SeenTVCanada.com - Magic Gravity Ball

What is this evil devil magic???

Master Cleanse Day 3

Why did I do this again? No really why??? A friends tweet about a cupcake virtually brought me to tears. Good news is I have lost 6 lbs and after day three it's supposed to gets easier. I never noticed how much food they show on television...Pray for me!!!

Ta for Now,


P.S. I just cheated and had 5 grapes. *hanging my head in shame*

Friday, August 13, 2010

Grandma Tracy breakdancing at Mad Decent NYC block party

So, this video has literally changed my life. Earlier this year I decided it was time to let go of my dream of  being a break dancer... I did not take this decision lightly either. Factored in was my age, early onset arthritis and a bum knee. It was time to throw in the towel... OR SO I THOUGHT!!! Then I came across this You Tube Clip. It was like a sign, I mean Dude, the old lady's name is TRACEY!!! My name is Traci!

Now it's not like Old Tracey (or OT for short) could be the next Turbo or Ozone, or even the white girl they trained. What was her name again? Wendy/ Lisa??? Naw they were in the Revolution, I'm pretty sure...  Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah OT ... OT wasn't just super awesome, but she had some moves, I believed her. She would totally get a pity choreography on "So You Think You Can Dance" and for sure would serve me.  Here's the good news. If she can do that at 60 or 80, I don't know how old she is,  I certainly have time to get my windmills on point. The dream is Alive baby! I'm coming for you lady whose name I still don't remember from Breakin and Breakin 2 Electric Bugaloo! Oh and you better bring it b*tch!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zach Galifianakis Singing "You Bring Me Joy".

 Sooo bizarre and funny. It's something really wrong with him... Lol!

Master Cleanse Day 1...

Got up at 6:00 this morning to do my first sea salt flush and I went on to do just that for about a hour after. Get it?!! GROSS Right? Moving on, around 8:00 I had my first glass of the lemonade, I mixed it the night before. I haven't been super hungry today but with some of the pitfalls of life I did want to eat. The last thing I wanna do right now is be focused on this. I'd much rather have a  couple of shots, a cupcake and a BC powder, in that order. I am sticking to it though and will be sure to keep you posted.

Ta for Now,


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Master Cleanse Prep!

Tonight, I take my first Salt Water Flush for the Master Cleanse(not looking forward to it). The Master Cleanse aka The Lemonade Diet is basically a 5-14 day detox. For ten days I will be drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Then morning and night I’ll drink a quart of water with 2 table spoons of sea salt(worst part!!!!). It’s called a flush for a reason! No I am not insane, but being a junk food junky there comes a time when you want a fresh start. Naomi Campbell was on Oprah earlier this year and she said she does the Master Cleanse 3 times a year, and that's cool for her but I’m good with once. My last cleanse lasted 7 days and it wasn’t bad, so I thought I’d shoot for 10 this second go round.

So to prepare for the cleanse I went to Whole Foods and got my supplies. They prefer all organic ingredients. I follow everything but the use of real organic lemons, because I’m not getting up every morning squeezing lemons, and not for any reason other then I’m not. Pre squeezed organic juice will be fine. I also picked up a chicken salad and cheese plate, a shrimp cocktail and the large strawberry shortcake. I mean I’m not going to be eating for 10 days!

I took that logic with me to Chipoltle and since I bought that twix from the gas station it would of been a waste not to eat it right? Today is a new day though, and with it brought pizza, Doritos’s, mini kit-kats, a sprite and a snow cone. In my mind the cleanse doesn’t start until I start drinking the lemonade. I mean I could look it up in the book (yes there’s a book) but it might say I can’t have these Cheetos I’m about to pop open. Wish me luck!

Ta For Now,


Mel'isa Morgan - Fools Paradise

I just can't get this song out of my head...

Beer Rinsing

After reading about beer rinsing on maneandchic.blogspot.com I was all in. So today I drove to the corner gas station and purchased a 8oz can of Budweiser and a twix. Not being a beer drinker this was no simple task for me. It took all that was in me not to explain to the cashier I was using the beer for my hair and NOT an end of day unwind. In my head, the twix kinda clued him in, as opposed to say a carton of cools, cause that’s what I’d get if I was gonna drink beer out a bag, Right? Crazy I Know.

All that being said, the beer rinse was EVERYTHING!!!! I applyed clarifying shampoo to my dry scalp and conditioner washed it out as usual. I then poured the flat beer into my hair, which I’d sectioned off six ways, and let it sit for two minutes then rinsed. Omg, my hair was so soft and shiny, and detangling was a breeze. What’s best was very minimal shedding!!!! No wait what’s best was the curl definition!!! I applied my Pantene Relaxed and Naturals Moisture Mask after the beer because I’d read sometimes the hair may feel sort of dry after, although that was not the case for me. Needless to say, BEER will absolutely be added to my hair regimen.

I will however be buying a sixer from Krogers next time. That corner store fiasco left a lot to be desired. Oh and on a completely unrelated topic, #12 on my bucket list is to do a keg stand.

Ta For Now,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Very First Entry!

Well, I’ve been saying I was gonna start a blog for a while and now seemed to be as good a time as any. I have not written in a very long time (Tweets and Face Book postings aside... if that counts). Anywho, what I'm trying to say is I'm rusty so bare with me.
I guess the best way to describe this blog is RANDOM. Hence the name. So hopefully something will be of eventual interest to you. Lol!

Ta For Now,