Monday, August 16, 2010

Master Cleanse Day 5

I'm on Master Cleanse Day 5 and I am really whizzing along now, literally *giggle*. I lost 2 more pounds and I'm not as hungry anymore, except at night. Nights are tough. It was kind of weird not having Sunday dinner yesterday, because I so look forward to it all week. Between me and you, I did consider putting a piece of pound cake in my mouth to get the flavor, then spit it out. That would of meant I was crazy though, at least in my mind. Just wasn't quite ready to go over the edge. You know?  Anyway,Thursday can't get here fast enough.I just miss food. Here are the top ten treats I look forward to when this cleanse is over:

10. Mini Oreos
  9. Snow Cones
  8. Mini Kit Kats (Still in the fridge)
  7. Some sort of frozen adult beverage.
  6. That Pound Cake that nearly took me to crazy town.
  5. Sprinkles Cupcakes
  4. Raspberry Simply Lemonade
  3. Garlic Biscuits from Red Lobster
  2. Seafood Fondue from Pappadeaux
  1. Meat!!! Chicken, Beef, Whatever!!!! I want it!!! *audibly sobbing*

Ta for Now,